Cocktail Dress Code: What is a Cocktail Dress?

So, you’ve been invited to a function and the dress code is ‘cocktail’, but you’re not sure what that really means. Let’s look at what that means in today’s terms.

Cocktail dresses for women

In a nutshell, a cocktail dress is a semi-formal, elegant dress suitable for late afternoon/evening. Traditionally, a cocktail dress has been described as a short dress (ie knee length), however with the maxi-dress trend, this doesn’t necessarily apply. So really, a cocktail dress is more about how dressy the dress is, rather than the length. Although, we’re not talking ball gown here. And save the super-short dresses for clubbing.

A cocktail dress:

  • is elegant
  • may be any length from just above the knee to the ankle
  • can be any colour (not necessarily black)
  • is suitable for late afternoon/evening
  • is generally worn with high heels
  • can be made from any type of fabric (lace and sequins are entirely appropriate, but not absolutely necessary)
  • may be strapless, off the shoulder, have one shoulder strap, or have sleeves
  • may actually be a skirt or pants and dressy top.

A cocktail dress is not:

  • a full length ball gown
  • a clubbing dress
  • a beach dress
  • an office/work dress.

Some cocktail dress examples:

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